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Classroom Pre-School Teacher Training Course

This modern program for prospective teachers is designed to provide professional training needed to both understand and promote a child's all-round development and early learning.

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The 4 main benefits of the classroom course

  • Recognised ECE certification
  • Learn a comprehensive curriculum
  • Campus recruitment and placement assistance
  • Become a professional with a steady income

Additional benefits of the classroom course

  • Get the opportunity to learn through practical and written assignments balanced with theoretical learning
  • Classroom sessions on phonics, storytelling, making teaching aids, music and movement and Art; all taught by experts in the field
  • Learn various aspects of preschool teaching through our ‘world curriculum’
  • Learn in a modern infrastructural setup
  • Gain knowledge that applies to your child, first-hand

Meet your Instructor

Ms. Kruti Sanghvi Mehta

With her extraordinary career as an academician, Ms. Kruti maintains that a proficient and competent educator is the backbone of any successful classroom. And at GET, she aspires to create educators in the field of preschool learning who are capable of grasping concepts that transform the face of preschool education by assimilating new ideas, advancements and approaches.

To get in touch with your instructor directly and to get to know more about the course, email her at

Classroom Pre-School Teacher Training


1 Year
Classroom Training

Course Modules :

  • Module 1 - The Developing Child
  • Module 2 - Learning Theories
  • Module 3 - Approaches of Early Childhood Education
  • Module 4 - Diverse Learners
  • Module 5 - Subject Proficiency
  • Module 6 – Preschool Management
  • Module 7 - Creating a Positive environment

The course practical comprises an internship, various folders, presentations and assignments.


A note from Mr. Nishant Garodia, the Founder

Education is liberating; it gives you the power to enlighten people and shape their future. Keeping this in mind, Garodia Education has been working tirelessly for the past 50 years to inspire students to dream and provide all the necessary support to help them achieve these dreams. ‘Inspired to Dream, Empowered to Do’ is therefore our Motto.

GET’s Classroom Preschool Teacher Training program recognises the need of a well-learned and trained teacher and has put together resources in order to fulfil it. This course has been designed to give our students both in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge that at the end of the year will provide them with the tools to confidently teach their very own preschool students.

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