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Classroom Preschool Teacher Training

GET Trained for Tomorrow

The modern programme for prospective teachers is designed to provide professional training needed to understand and promote children’s all round development and learning. 

  • Focussed on the fundamentals of child development in the early years
  • Provides theoretical and practical knowledge and understanding of principles of early childhood education
  • Enables prospective teachers to acquire the skills, insights and techniques needed to understand pre-school children
  • Learning effective teaching methods to understand individual needs of children and how to craft a successful career in ECE
  • Delivers quality training to learners keen on building a career around educating and caring for children
  • Strong focus on practical exposure crediting exhaustive research by our internal R&D team


Prospective teachers can become Early Childhood Educators and work with young children, from age 2 years to 8 years, in any Board Of Education.

  • Get the opportunity to learn through practical and written assignments
  • Learn in a modern infrastructure set-up
  • Get personal face-to-face attention from our experts
  • Get intensive practical training
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Module 1 - The Developing Child
Module 2 - Theories of Child Development
Module 3 - Approaches of Early Childhood Education
Module 4 - Diverse Learners
Module 5 - Subject Proficiency
Module 6 – Preschool Management
Module 7 - Creating a Positive environment

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    Excellent Course!
    -Vidhi Shah

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    Want info abt this training

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    I want to do this training

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Start On June 1, 2020
Duration 1 Year

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